Things Change and So Does The Data

We believe our business databases contain the best possible information available at the time of release (annually). Therefore, We go to great lengths to ensure the data you purchase is accurate and up to date.

We also recognize that data is a just a snapshot in time, thus no database can ever be perfect. Businesses are closing, acquired or start a new division. Executives and key personnel change positions through promotions, change companies, and some even leave their industry all together.

That is why we offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You could receive up to a full refund amount for any portion of your report that is out of date or in error. Plus if the percentage of bad data exceeds 15%, you will get a complete refund of your total purchase price.

Returned report requests must be postmarked within 90 days of purchase. Only one refund allowed per purchase. Reporting data for fax and email are not covered. We have the right to verify that the data was purchased from Refund payments will not be made in excess of the original list purchase. Any Mail pieces refused by the addressee that contain accurate addresses are not covered. Only business databases are covered. Lists not compiled by or that contain third-party and brokered data are not covered. Guarantee is offered for a limited time only and can be ended or modified without further notice.